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Our Story

Our owners saw a need for a more complete design experience. One that our clients could understand and be more involved in the design process. Millard and Associates ltd. expects our clients to be informed to the point that questions are answered before they are asked. With over 50 years of combined experience in the Commercial and Residential Industry we work collaboratively with all parties to bring a complete and cohesive project together for our clients.

Why Choose Us

We Are Passionate

Our clients are who make our company exist. From the beginning this has always been the driving factor for our company. We believe that relationships don't exist without hard work and dedication. Millard and Associates is in the business of making long lasting relationships that will last the test of time. 

We Are Innovative

Millard and Associates uses the latest software and technologies to stay at the forefront of design. We encourage our team members to always be on the lookout for new technologies and products to use in our designs, and to make sure they are focus forward thinkers.   

We Are Creative

It is our job to adapt and find the most cost-effective means to bring a project to completion. our team looks at each project as a new beginning, and way for collaborative efforts to bring a design to a new level. It is too easy to stick with stagnant design theories and build the mundane. it is our ability to look at existing and past designs that pushes us to design to the level our clients expect by implementing new and old technologies into one new creative and cohesive design.

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