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Our Design team is assigned after contract acquisition. This team may include many team members collaborating together along with the project owner(s)/owner representative(s) during the duration of the design process. we encourage strong owner inclusion so that all aspects of the design requirements have been met, and the design team has completed the design in a timely manner and time constraints  set in the beginning. 



Millard and Associates ltd. offers Interior Design inhouse and with independent Interior Designers to provide a complete interiors package for our clients. 



Our Project Managers are performance driven and are here to push your projects to completion. They are chosen for their commitment to seeing the project is completed in a timely manner knowing that success is only measured through integrity and performance. It is our expectation that our project managers are complete and concise within their control of the projects they are assigned.

Planning & Development

Millard and Associates ltd. works closely with our engineering, surveying and environmental team members to prepare plans that are realistic, cost-effective, balanced and productively sound.



Millard and Associates ltd. uses the latest in 2D and 3d software to create as accurate and dynamically correct plans needed for your project.



Our Engineering team members work closely with our design team to assure that all aspects of the design have been worked through prior to the project going to the field for production stability.

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